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Pat Sniderman

Chapter 6 – Recruitment The Strategic Importance of Recruitment - Recruitment: the process fo searching out and attracting qualified job applicants, which begins with the identification of a position that requires staffing and is completed when resumes and/or completed application forms are received from an adequate number of applicants - Recruiter: a specialist in recruitment, whose job it is to find and attract capable candidates Employer Branding - the image or impression of an organization as an employer based on the benefits of being employed by the organization - branding includes the experiences a candidate goes through while interacting with a company throughout the recruitment process: o what candidates experience when they go to the company’s website - whether HR sends an acknowledgement letter or email thanking each candidate who sends in a resume - how candidates are greeted by the receptionist when they make initial contact by phone in person, and - whether the HR person who interviews candidates is a good spokesperson who can articulate the organization’s values and culture The Recruitment Process 1. job openings are identified through HR planning or manager request 2. the job requirements are determined 3. appropriate recruiting sources and methods are chosen 4. a pool of qualified recruits is generated Recruiting Within the Organization - employees enhance commitment, morale, and performance - safer to promote within  more accurate assessment of skills and performance level - disadvantages: if they don’t get hired, they’ll be discontented - may waste time and create false hope on the part of employees that are not being considered - less satisfied with and accepting of a boss Job Posting - the process of notifying current employees about vacant positions Human Resources Records - consulted to ensure that qualified individuals are notified, in person, of vacant positions Skills Inventories - may be used instead of job postings, often used as a supplement Limitations of Recruiting from Within - middle and upper level jobs may be vacated unexpectedly - may require specialized training and experience that there are no potential internal replacements Recruiting Outside the Organization - larger pool of qualified candidates - more diverse applicant ppol - acquisition of skills or knowledge not currently available within the organization - elimination of rivalry and competition caused by employees jockeying for transfers/promotions - cost savings from hiring individuals who have skills Planning External Recruitment - yield ratio: the percentage of applicants that proceed to the next stage of the selection process  yield pyramid External Recruitment Methods (common sense) p.150 - Online Recruiting o Internet job boards o Corporate website - Social networking sites - Print advertising - Private employment agencies (provide assistance to employers seeking clerical staff, functional specialists, and technical emplo
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