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University of Toronto Scarborough
Management (MGH)
Samantha Montes

Thursday, September-17-09 Organizational Behaviour Appendix Research in Organizational Behaviour Research is a way of finding out about the world through objective and systematic information gathering THE BASICS OF ORGANIZATIONAL BEHAVIOUR RESEACH Equity is concerned with peoples reactions to fairness or lack of it Hypothesis is a formal statement of the expected relationship between two variables Variables are simply measures that can take on two or more values o Temperature o Pay o Fairness o Absenteeism Types of Variables Independent Variable is a predictor or cause of variation in a dependent variable Dependent Variable is a variable that will vary as a result of changes in the independent variable Example: Attendance bonus as independent variable, and absenteeism as dependent variable Moderating Variable is a variable that affects the nature of the relationship between an independent and dependent variable such that the relationship depends on the level of the moderating variable o Example: independent variable is attendance bonus, dependent variable is absenteeism and moderating variable is pay satisfaction Mediating Variable is a variable that intervenes or explains the relationship between an independent and dependent variable o Example: : independent variable is attendance bonus, dependent variable is absenteeism, and mediating variable is motivation Measurement of Variables Reliability is an index of consistency of a research subjects responses o Example: someone should answer the same way to each question if asked it several times Validity is an index of the extent to which a measure truly reflects what it is supposed to measure o Example: researcher should expect people who are objectively underpaid to report high pay unfairness Good measures should be strongly related to other measures of the same variable and should not be related to measures of different variables
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