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Chapter 6

Chapter 6 - Quantitative Data Collection Methods

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MKT 500
Helene Moore

Wk. 3 – Chapter 6 – Quantitative Collection methods Lecture on: September 18, 2012 On-site research 1. Stream of consciousness interview 2. Spontaneous reaction interview 3. Directed general response interview 4. Directed specific response interview 5. Prompted reaction to execution elements - Survey: involves interviews with a large number of respondents using a predesigned questionnaire - Chapter focuses on methods to collect data using surveys Four data collection modes 1. Have a person ask the questions, either face-to-face or over the phone, without computer assistance (person-administered) 2. Have a computer or direct questioning in face-to-face, voice, or other survey (computer- administered) 3. Respondents fill in their own survey, without computer assistance (self-administered) 4. Combination of two or more (mixed-mode surveys) - Person-administered surveys, without computer assistance: o Advantages: feedback, rapport, quality control, adaptability o Disadvantages: humans make errors, slow speed, high cost, interview evaluation (presence of another person may create apprehension) - Computer-administered surveys: o Advantages: speed; error-free interviews; use of pictures, videos, and graphics; real- time data capture; reduction of anxieties caused by “interview apprehension o Disadvantages: technical skill required, high set up costs - Self-administered surveys: o Advantages: reduced cost, respondent control, no interview eva
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