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Electrical engineering is the design, building and maintenance of electrical control systems, machinery and equipment.

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ECE 412/512: Hybrid Electric Vehicle Drives
Term Project
In  this  course,  other  than  the  laboratory  experiments  and  reports,  each  student  has  to 
submit a major design project in a group of 2 or 3 students. This design project has 20% of 
the course grade. Passing the major design project report is mandatory to receive a passing 
grade in the course.
In  this  design  project,  an  electric  motor  drive  will  be designed.  At  the  beginning  of  this 
project,  each  group must  select  an  aspect  of  motion  control  application  in  the  context  of 
hybrid  electric  or  electric  vehicles  from  the  list  given.  Selected  application  must  be 
researched from literature survey, which will determine the power level at which the design 
is to be done. The following steps are to be followed:
1. Select an electric motor technology (DC, three-phase induction, single-phase induction, 
switched reluctance, brush-less DC, or permanent magnet synchronous machine) for the 
selected application.
2. Market potential for the selected application of motor drives must be investigated. 
3. Based on the selected application, define the load for the motor drive. 
4. Ratings  of  the  system  must  be  selected  from  given  practical  models  available 
commercially. Parameters and equivalent  circuits  for  the  selected application must  be 
chosen properly. 
5. A closed-loop power electronic driver for the machine must be modeled and simulated. 
Based  on  the  given  application  and  mechanical  load  characteristics,  analysis  of  the 
drivers must be presented in detail. 
6. Datasheets available from electric machine manufacturers or experimental setups in the 
laboratory can be used. 
7. Designed  system must  be  tested for different  practical load  conditions  defined  by  the 
selected application. Different performance characteristics of the designed system must 
be investigated. 
8. Comprehensive  simulations  of  the  complete  system  including  the  electrical  source, 
power  electronic  driver,  electric  machine,  and  mechanical  load  must  be  provided  to 
verify  the  performance  of  the  designed  system.  Based  on  the  simulation  results,  the 
design should be modified and updated. 
9. After  this  stage,  students must look  at  the  available  components  and  datasheets  from 
companies  and  vendors  and  provide  the  practical  design  of  the  system.  At  this  stage, 
students  should  address  realistic  constraints  and implementation issues  such  as  cost, 
packaging, manufacturability, reliability, thermal management, sustainability, and safety. 
Advantages of the final designs must be presented. 
The designed system must be modeled and justified based on the application requirements 
and cost competitiveness. After modeling  the entire system including  the electrical source 
and  mechanical  load,  students  must  use  one  of  the  following  software  packages  for 
comprehensive  simulations:  PSIM,  Simplorer, Maxwell,  Saber,  Pspice,  or Matlab/Simulink. 
PSIM software is highly recommended since it is very easy to use for power electronics and 
electric  machines  simulations.  You  can  download  the  full  version  of  PSIM  from  the  link 
provided  on  blackboard.  You  can  also  use  the  full  version  of  PSIM in  the  Grainger  Power 
Electronics and Motor Drives Laboratory. Other software packages are also available in the 
laboratory. Pick one of the following Projects:
1. Develop a closed loop speed control for a DC series motor in servo applications.
a. Develop a power electronic controller for the motor including gate drive for 
an auxiliary drive.
b. For a non-zero load torque, show that if you change the commanded speed 
from 0 to 500rpm to 1000rpm and then 250 rpm, your controller can 
control it. 
c. Replace the DC series motor with a DC shunt motor and compare 
performance of the two motor drive systems.
2. Develop a model for Field Oriented Control of Induction motor using Space Vector 
Modulation for a compressor.
a. Implement a three-phase power electronic converter
b. Implement vector control including SVPWM towards speed control of the 
c. Show that you can control the (measured) shaft speed of the motor at a 
constant speed of 1200 rpm, even if you vary the load torque
3. Develop a closed loop speed control of Switched Reluctance Motor for traction.
a. Select the necessary voltage input for your motor
b. Develop a full-bridge or asymmetric bridge power electronic converter 
including gate drive for a 6/4 or 8/6 SRM
c. Plot inductance for each phase in the machine
d. Show that you can control the (measured) shaft speed of the motor at a 
constant speed of 1000 rpm, even if you vary the load torque
4. Develop a model for digital control of PMSM/BLDC motor for a pump.
a. Select the necessary voltage input for your motor
b. Develop a power electronic converter including gate drive for a three-phase 
c. Show that if you change the speed from 0 to 1000rpm to 2500rpm and then 
1250 rpm, your speed controller can track it. Term Project Proposal
• Your project proposal should include four elements:
• What you plan to do (title and objective);
• Why you want to do this work (background on your proposal, why you think this is an
important topic and what improvement/analysis you want to take on);
• How you plan to accomplish your goals (method, software you plan to use, references you
have, etc.).
Midterm project report
The following sections are expected (no particular format required for the report):
• Background
• Simulation results (steps taken so far, milestones with simulation snapshots, and/or
experimental) results
• Conclusion (based on your study so far)
• Future work
• References
Final Project Submission
Final presentations for the term projects will take place in the last week of the semester on
Zoom during your regular lab sessions. You need to upload the following on blackboard as a 
single zip file.
1) Powerpoint that takes no more than 10 minutes to present
2) Your fully complete final report (either pdf or Word format)
3) Simulation file in its original format
4) Bill of material

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