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Homework Help for Electrical Engineering

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Electrical Engineering

Solve and Find:
a) The complex power absorbed in the voltage source.
b) The real power absorbed in the capacitor.
c) The reactive power absorbed in the resistor in series with the -j800 capacitor.

15 May
Electrical Engineering

What are the electrician schools and colleges in the US?

27 Apr 2020
Electrical Engineering
The Federal Open Market Committee promotes price stability and economic growth through: 
(i) oversight of the financial services industry. 
(ii) management of the money supply. 
(iii) provision of direct services to consumers. 
(iv) supervision of regional banking operations.
2 Apr 2020
Electrical Engineering

Which of the following statements are true about inflation?

a) It occurs when the overall level of prices increases.

b) Some prices may fall even when most others rise.

c) Some prices affect consumers more than others.

d) When in the 2-4% range, it can be a sign of a healthy economy.

22 Feb 2020
Electrical Engineering

Use the mesh-current method to find the power dissipated in the 15 ohm resistor in the circuit.



25 Mar 2020
Electrical Engineering

Digital circuits

12 Mar 2020
Electrical Engineering

The voltage across a 5 μF capacitor is known to be Vfort≥0 , where t is in seconds.

Part B

Find the power at the terminals of the capacitor when t = 185 μs .

Part D

Find the energy stored in the capacitor at t = 185 μs

Part E

Find the time when the maximum energy stored in the capacitor occurs.

Part F

Find the maximum energy stored in the capacitor


23 Mar 2020
Electrical Engineering

Imagine that in part E8, you had placed the compass due East of the wire. Draw two vector diagrams of the magnetic field felt by this compass: One with the current OFF and one with the current ON. Each diagram should show the magnetic fields from any relevant sources as well as a vector indiacating the total magnetic field. For this problem, assume that the current flows upwards (in diagram it is out of page).

20 Mar 2020
Electrical Engineering

What is 0.9 as a fraction?

29 Jun 2019
Electrical Engineering

how does computer aid the community

17 Mar 2019
Electrical Engineering

the heating element of a clothes dryer has a resistance of 11 ohms and is connected across a 240 volts electrical outlet. what is the current in the heating element

16 Mar 2019
Electrical Engineering

A transistor is a) an electrical switch b) a semiconductor c) an amplifier d) a building block for logic gates e) All of the above x 

19 Feb 2019
Electrical Engineering Homework Help

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