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Anthropology is often called “the science of humanity” that studies human beings and the evolutionary history of Homo sapiens. It also studies culture that decisively differentiates humans from other animal species.

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arjuarjun77 asked for the first time
in Anthropology·
20 Oct 2022

Question 1 (1 point)                

"Our body needs energy and food to survive" is an example of a sensory reason for eating.. 

  Question 1 options: True False  


Question 2 (1 point)                

Physical Needs, one of the 5 reasons for eating, refers to the fact that food is necessary for our main bodily functions and to satisfy our hunger. 

  Question 2 options: True False  


Question 3 (1 point)                

The 5 reasons for eating discussed in our class were: Physical Needs, Social Needs, Sensory Needs, Psychological Needs and Food Symbolism. 

  Question 3 options: True False  


Question 4 (1 point)                

Holiday customs, religions, and celebrations is an example of an emotional/psychological influence on food choices. 

  Question 4 options: True False  


Question 5 (1 point)                

Food choices for individuals with severe food allergies (ex. peanuts) would be heavily influenced by physiological/nuritional influences

  Question 5 options: True False  


Question 6 (1 point)                

Seasonal changes may affect the availability or accessibility of various food products. This is an example of economical and environmental influences. 

  Question 6 options: True False  


Question 7 (1 point)                

When a peer says something directly to you that puts pressure on you to make a choice and makes it difficult to say no, is describing unspoken pressure.

  Question 7 options: True False  


Question 8 (1 point)                

Knowledge and education about nutrients, nutrition and cooking skills may influence the types of foods that you choose to make and/or eat. 

  Question 8 options: True False  



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papayaprofessor asked for the first time
in Anthropology·
8 Jul 2022

Big bug in groups

East kiss"

Often hear people sinister, I still do not believe. But the aftermath of today, I did.

Ge Jun, Qian Hanping and others (affiliated Middle school of Nanjing Normal University) are good at juggling. In July 2020, they did not inform them that the IB program would move to Onan this fall. In the spring of 2022, they informed IB students, teachers and parents that Aonan had been renovated and relocated. As everyone knows, parents are full of justice, a cavity blood, exposed this generation of conspiracy, Aonan campus is still the construction site, around zhu Jingjing teacher to promote the shopping mall only mound.

For as long as I can remember, until now, wherever I have been, I have often seen "jugglers," or "jugglers," in open Spaces.

There are probably only two kinds of tricks

One is to teach a monkey to wear a mask, put on clothes, play a knife and gun; Ran a few laps on the sheep. And a gruel - fed, skinny bear playing tricks. The last is to ask everyone for money.

One is to put a stone in an empty box and cover it with a towel to turn it into a white dove. Or put a piece of paper in your mouth, light it, and smoke comes out of your nostrils at the corners of your mouth. The second is to ask everyone for money. After the money, a person too little, pretentious refused to change, a person to persuade him, to everyone say five more. And then four more, three more...

After a full toss, the trick began again. This time she put a child into a small jar, only to find a pigtail asking him to come out again and asking for money. When he had collected it, his excellency, for some reason, stabbed the boy to death with a sharp knife, covered him with the sheets, and lay upright, demanding his life and money.

"I rely on my parents at home and my friends when I become a monk... Huazaa! Huazaa!" The juggler made a gesture of throwing money, and said gravely and sadly.

Other boys, if they came close enough to take a closer look, would scold; If you don't listen, he'll call.

Sure enough, many people Huazaa. When it was as much as they expected, they gathered up the money, gathered up the things, and the dead boy got up of himself and went away with him.

The onlookers wandered off stupidly.

For a while there was silence in the clearing. After a while, it's all over again. As the saying goes, "Tricks vary from man to man." In fact, for many years, it was always the same, there were always people watching, there were always people Huazaa, but there had to be a few quiet days in between.

My words finished, meaning also shallow very, but said that everyone Huazaa Huazaa after a pass, and quiet for a few days, and then to this set.

Ge Jun coerced foreign teachers, while foreign teachers leave, arrears, refuse to pay wages. Foreign teachers do not follow, Ge Jun tried to use the law to continue pressure. If the foreign teacher does not follow, Ge Jun will not finish the release paper, so that the foreign teacher will not get the foreigner work permit in China. Afternoon, Ge Jun hired legal vice president.

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